Sports For Health at LOV

The 2017 edition of SFH was held at LOV July 23-30.  While we had some showers, it did not dampen our spirits.  We managed to get in all of our activities.  Our 96 year old “Energizer Bunny” Charlie Wirth, managed to do his 100 miles on the tandem bike again this year.  This is the third or fourth year he has accomplished this feat.  Needless to say, he had more than one captain for his rides.
We had our canoes and kayaks up on Harris’ pond again this year.  Dave allows us to keep the equipment at the pond, which means we don’t need to schlep them back and forth every day.  This is a great help for our guides.  We also took several canoes and kayaks to Oquaga Creek State Park in New York for a day.  Bev and her crew made bag lunches for everyone, and supplied water and lemonade.  We had some light showers in the morning, but most stayed relatively dry under several trees.  The adventurous ones took the canoes and kayaks out on the lake.  We had one anxious guide dog (Yellow Lab) that was so eager to get into the water that he pulled the guide who was holding him into the lake with him.  That must have been a refreshing experience!  Ask any of the guides or participants about our ice cream adventure after we had been to the lake!
Steve Homoki, a retired police officer from the Easton police, again provided the instruction and guidance for the pistol shooting competition.  Assisting Steve this year were Walt Howell, another retired Easton police officer, and Steve’s grandson, Brandon.  There is fierce competition between the guides and VIP’s (Visually Impaired Person/participant).  Each shooter fires six rounds at a target, which is then scored.  You may shoot as many times as you want, and your best score is recorded.  Trophies are presented to the top three shooters for both guides and VIP’s.  The trophies are donated by the Washington Lodge #17 Fraternal Order of Police in Easton, PA.
We had several new or added activities this year.  A big hit was Doug Schlegel’s fire truck.  Doug purchased a vintage fire truck (1979 model) and brought it to LOV.  He showed and explained the various equipment on the truck.  He gave rides in the truck and allowed the riders to operate the siren, horn, and lights.  Talk about kids in a candy store!
Another highlight was at the waterfall.  In addition to the ropes that our two “Michigan Mountaineers”  Dan Ross and Don Gaby rig each year to allow easier access to the area below the falls,  they rigged a rope with hand loops, so that people could actually climb the falls, yes, in the water.  With the rain we had, the falls were especially spectacular this year.  There were several brave souls that did climb the falls.
Our next activity is an informal weekend at LOV, November 2-5, 2017.  There are no planned activities.  It is more of a relaxed, social weekend.  Usually there are hikes on the road and up the logging trail to the waterfall.  All are invited to join the group for a fun weekend.  Contact Bev at LOV, and give her your $40 deposit for the weekend.
The next group activity is the Ski for Light week, February 18-25, 2018.  The program is held rain, snow, or shine.  Hopefully there will be snow.  VIP’s are paired with a guide for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding.  In case of no snow, there is hiking on the roads.
Our next summer program, Sports for Health, will be held at LOV from July 22-29, 2018.  Activities will include tandem biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, marksmanship, and anything else we can dream up.
If you think you would like to try guiding, or if you know a VIP that might enjoy participating in one of our programs, please visit our website,, for more information and contacts for both programs.  Invitations for the Ski for Light program will be sent late this year.  You do not need to commit to the whole week. Come join us for a few days and see what fun we have.