District 3 Secretary’s Letter – Jan/Feb 2023

Godt Nytt År  

Dear Lodge Secretaries,

Below is information for your 2023 work as secretaries. Make sure that you have completed the D-63 Officer Update Form even if your lodge did not have an election, and that you order directories for your lodge. Tusen takk for all that you do for Sons of Norway.


Karen Olsen-Helmold 

District Three Secretary,

kolsen2@verizon.net (516) 935 0751 18 Evergreen Ave., Bethpage, NY 11714

Third District Youth Camp is Back

Third District Youth Camp will be held July 16-July 22 at Koinonia Camp in Highland, New York. Tom Bakos is our new Camp Director.  Attached is a flyer, camp application, and Draxten Scholarship Application.

Location of Forms and Deadlines

Sons of Norway website www.sofn.com  

Log In/ Member Resources/ Lodge Leadership Resources/ Administrative Resources/ Lodge Forms or Governance 

 Third District website www.3dsofn.org

Go to “Download important documents and forms”

Both websites have plenty of other great information, such as the Third District’s TDT (Third District Today). Please acquaint yourself with them. You can find a good list of yearly important deadlines for Lodge business on the Sons of Norway website www.sofn.com  at Log In/Member Resources/ Lodge Leadership Resources/ Administrative Resources/ Important Deadlines.


December 2022– D17 and D18 forms, instructions, and timeline sent to lodge treasurers.

Dec. 31, 2022 – Lodge Officer Update/ D63 form due to Sons of Norway Membership Services. Sons of Norway requires every lodge secretary to annually complete the D-63 lodge officer form on www.sofn.com to report any change in officer positions or no change. The deadline for it is December 31, 2022, I want to thank all of you who have already submitted this form.  It is always wise to double-check the exact spelling and numbers in your lodge members’ addresses, emails, and phone numbers prior to completing the form. After you have submitted your form, I will receive a copy from Sons of Norway and that is what I will use to make the annual Third District Directory in January 2023.

 Jan. 15, 2023 – Third District Directory Order Form due to District Secretary. Would you like your lodge officers to receive a directory? The District is selling them again.  Each lodge will receive one free copy and the cost for additional copies is $8.00 each.  Fill out the Third District Directory Order Form (See attached) (Also on  www.3dsofn.org under Forms and Documents.)  Mail check (payable to “Sons of Norway District Three” and with “Directory” in the memo box) and the completed form to Karen Olsen-Helmold, 183 Evergreen Ave., Bethpage, NY 11714 before January 15, 2023.

Jan.-Feb.-March, 2023 – Lodge Installation Form (on www.3dsofn.org) sent to District Secretary after Lodge has installation ceremony.

Feb. 15, 2023 – American Fraternal Alliance (AFA) form, that will be mailed to you, is due if your lodge does not record volunteer hours on www.fraternalsgive.org

Feb. 28, 2023 – Fraternal Funds application due to District Secretary.  Think about whether your Lodge would like to apply for Fraternal Funds. These funds are given for lodge cultural activities that have already occurred and are voted upon at the Executive Committee Meetings that occur via zoom before the Fall and Spring Third District Board Meetings.  The Fraternal Funds form is attached (Also located on www.3dsofn.org under Documents and Forms.) The event cannot have made a profit. Receipts must accompany the form.  Any lodge cultural expense, even the cost of a Zoom contract, can be reimbursed partially or fully by Fraternal Funds. Please have the application and receipts sent to the District Secretary by February 28, 2023.  If you have any questions regarding if something is applicable or not, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.


 Coming in 2023    Nansen Jan. 12 85th

Washington Jan.16 80th

Norskevenner Mar. 1 15th

Norsemen June 3 45th

Maine Nordmenn June 12 20th

Fredheim Nov.3 100th

Lodge Brooklyn Nov.22 100th

Norrona Dec.18 65th

If you would like help to publicize your anniversary celebrations, I would be happy to pass on to all District Secretaries any information that you would like to have distributed.  Just e-mail it to me with a note to send out to all lodges.

Reminder – Paper Lodge Membership Applications Need Correction  

On printed, paper lodge membership applications, there is a section requesting a credit card number.  Cross that section out on your forms if your lodge still has some paper applications.  It is no longer to be used.  The only way that new members can pay their membership dues by credit card is by going to the Sons of Norway website and registering online. This change is being done for credit card security reasons. If a new member or renewing member wants to use a paper application, they must write a check payable to “Sons of Norway” and cannot pay by credit card. 

More on New membership forms

Please remind members to provide their member number to those they invite to join, so that Sons of Norway can recognize this accomplishment with a certificate and limited-edition 2021 Recruiter Pin. Enrollment forms are available from Sons of Norway headquarters and online. For online form access, first login at sofn.com, then go to Lodge Leadership Resources and continue to Membership Forms. New members of nonvoting lodges may also sign up directly at sofn.com.

Tubfrim –  Keep Clipping!!!!

Tubfirm will be collecting stamps at least until this Spring. They are presently negotiating with a new stamp company.  Please send all stamps that you have to Kjell Kittilsen 871 – 70th Street Brooklyn, NY 1128 by March 15, 2023, and stay tuned for more information!

Sons of Norway Foundation

There are many Scholarships available for Sons of Norway members, their children, and their grandchildren.  The deadline for scholarship applications is March 1, 2023.  See the attached list for a brief description.  For more information go to www.sofn.com.   Scroll down and click on Foundation.  Scroll down again and click on Scholarships.