Something for Everyone
No matter how young or old you are, and no matter what your present physical condition, the Sports Medal Program offers a fitness plan for you. With doctor’s advice, you can determine the appropriate level. Then you are assigned point or mileage requirements for medal qualifications that are within your reach. The program is great because you don’t need to be a natural athlete-the only one you are really competing with is yourself.

Different Levels, Different Medals
As you reach each objective, you will be awarded different grades of sports medals. Begin in pursuit of the Bronze, then work yourself up to Silver, Gold, and eventually Enamel (There is no longer a fee for the pins, and only members can take part in this program). Set your own pace-your program can be for just one medal or all sixteen!

Sports Medals

  • “Gangmerke” (Walking)
  • “Idrettsmerke” (Sports and Fitness)
  • “Skimerke” (Skiing)
  • “Sykkelmerke” (Bicycling)

A Sports Medal Brochure and forms to help you track your progress are under Sports Medal Program, Lodge Programming section, Members Only portal , Sons of Norway website.

For more details, contact
Carol Anderson