September 2017 Vice President’s Letter

Vice Presidents notes for September 2017

We are diligently getting our LLST (Local Lodge Support Team) working on assisting those lodges in the Third District that have been having difficulties. Whether in recruiting, retaining, programing, or job responsibilities. The lodges in danger in each zone have been identified. Dirk Hansen, Zone 7 Director has created and shared a number of graphs with the committee. The members of the LLST have held conference calls and shared emails with each other and their respective lodges.

Suggested ideas from the committee are:

  • To advertise… each area has a free “Penny paper” -mention meetings and events
  • Bring technology to the lodges (Facebook and webpages and twitter)
  • View the SON Youtube channel ( )to assist in lodge programming
  • Membership dinners with assistance from FBC’s.

It is important to get out and recruit as well aw retain and assist lodges in danger.