Sports Activities Update



Thanks for staying active and fit during ’17 so far. Here are some on the results from our various lodges in the 3rd District. These are cumulative numbers through July ’17

Fitbit Cumulative Steps:

Norden Lodge 4.0 Million Steps
Noreg Lodge 5.5 Million Steps
Restauration Lodge 3.6 Million Steps
Southern Star Lodge 5.9 Million Steps
Bondelandet Lodge 2.1 Million Steps
Norumbega Lodge 2.6 Million Steps
Gateway to Florida 5.4 Million Steps
Gulfstream Lodge 2.8 Million Steps
3rd District Board Members 8.1 Million Steps


Biking Challenge is being led by: Norumbega Lodge 1,044 Miles

We need more Lodges to participate in our Biking ChallengeBowling Challenge:
We have 3 Lodges participating in our Bowling Tournament:

Norumbega Lodge
Gateway to Florida
Maine Nordmenn

Please continue to stay active and healthy in ’17 by participating in these activities.Stay well,

Andy Mathisen
Sports and Recreational Director