August 2020 President’s Message


Can you believe that August is almost here?!? Time sure does feel like it is both flying by and moving soooo slowly.

As COVID -19 reached around the globe, we found ourselves in a world transformed. We have been forced to connect in ways we could never have imagined, testing our ability to adapt. The news right now is filled with stories about all the new rules and regulations we must follow as we open up and the “new normal” begins. The stress-free days of going out and about are over and there are a lot of new things to consider as we leave our homes. We all have our own comfort levels and that’s okay. Whenever I’m out and about I have a mask. If shopping, I pull up my mask. If walking around my block, I pull up my mask, say hi to the other walkers and go on my way. I feel safe while still doing the things I love.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to visit with a couple of lodge friends (practicing safe distances, wearing masks, yet still we are together.)

For me, till we get a vaccine, I know that the moments I am most at ease is when I am sitting out back on my patio, surrounded by my plants while enjoying the fresh air, reading a book or talking on the phone with friends and family or learning something new from our SON website. Har du lært norsk? Har du kokt norsk? Har du sett på norske videoer?

If you have taken pictures of your adventures during this time send them so we can get them in the Viking Magazine.

I hope we will get back to meeting in person in September, but know we as a 3D Board are working behind the scenes to make our Tremendous Third better each and every day. Sons of Norway members are resilient, we are all in this together and we will persevere. So most importantly is to Stay Safe, Stay Well and Take Care of Each Other.