May 2020 President’s Message

Hello District 3 Members. Peace and strength in the days ahead!

Unchanged: During these unprecedented times, I worry about my loved ones, hoping my children and grandchildren remain healthy and safe. I worry about my daughter who risks contracting COVID-19 while working long hours as a health care professional in an effort to help as many residents, neighbors and strangers as possible.
Unchanged: I also worry about my friends and neighbors who have been laid off. My granddaughter as a small business owner. My son who teaches and his worry over his students. My second son who is in an essential business and is out in the public daily. I worry about my lodge members knowing the age of most of our membership and how older adults may be particularly susceptible to the respiratory illness. If we continue to shelter in place and stay at home, we can help lessen the spread of this terrible virus.
Unchanged: It’s not easy, but I’m trying hard to remember patience is a virtue. I try to remind myself, these days filled with uncertainty and stress, will eventually pass. In the coming weeks or months, life will return to normal. We’ll not forget these times, but better days will return. We’ll have regular lodge meetings again, we’ll have special programs again, we’ll meet with each other outside our meetings for lunch or events, we’ll remember those who were the frontline hero’s keeping us safe. And we won’t forget any whom we’ve lost.
Unchanged: The 8th of May is Liberation Day, marking the end of Norway’s occupation during World War II. Liberation Day, known in Norwegian as Frigjøringsdagen, is marked every year in Norway on the 8th of May.
Unchanged: It is known in some other European countries including the United Kingdom as Victory in Europe Day, or VE Day. It marks the anniversary of the day when Nazi Germany forces withdrew from Norway and the war came to an end. The occupation had begun on 9 April 1940, so Norway had been occupied for more than five years. Think of that 5 years!! On that day in 1945, the people of Norway took to the streets to celebrate their long-awaited freedom. In the following days, soldiers and POWs returned home, and the celebrations continued. The celebrations reached their peak when King Haakon returned home to Oslo on the 7th of June.
Unchanged: Can we learn from our forefathers about resilience? Those inner strengths of mind and character— both inborn and developed— that enable us to respond well to adversity, including the capacities to prevent stress- related conditions, such as depression or anxiety, or their recurrence; recover faster and more completely from stress and stress- related conditions, and optimize mental fitness and functioning in the various areas of life. It’s just as important to care for your emotional needs as the physical ones! Can we see the blessings that we have in light of the hardships we’ve been dealing with? My fervent hope is that we can. Take nothing for granted. Take care of each other. And Take care of yourself – physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.
Unchanged: Fraternally, Kathy