September 2020 President’s Message

September Fra Presidenten

Every single one of us is continuing to feel the impacts of our whole world crashing down around us. As our lodge meetings and events were put on hold, we sit and wait. We try to keep positive thoughts toward the new year of meetings. We are filled with so many questions, but there are no answers, and that is the hardest part for all of us. Everything went downhill so rapidly; it is still difficult to process. As we start to think about how we will begin our Fall Lodge Meetings the questions arise, are we meeting on Zoom or meeting in person? Is the building we meet at even open to us? Can we still have elections of new officers? How do we welcome new members? Are we going to be able to have a Juletrefest?

We are placing our members’ welfare first, despite the type of meeting, events, and experiences that had been planned for years. It seems a bit strange at times to be planning gatherings in the midst of a pandemic where we must keep 6 feet apart and cover our smiles with a mask but I am filled with anticipation and hope for the future. Hopefully, we find a normal way to enjoy each other’s company with as much social distancing as necessary. (Now isn’t that the oxymoron of the century?)

But, maybe trying to find “normal” right now isn’t what needs to be done. Maybe it’s about finding joy from day to day. Look around you right now. What gives you joy? Is it a picture of your family from last year’s vacation? How about a piece of art that takes your breath away? Perhaps a book that you’ve read that’s sitting on your shelf puts a smile on your face every time you look at it. Maybe it’s the way your partner smiles at you across the dinner table, or the call you get from your kids. Perhaps it’s a song that you haven’t heard in years or a movie you could watch over & over again. Joy is different for us all, but there are some things that universally create joy. And, those things bind us together & remind us of our humanity. Bubbles, bright colors, geometric shapes, etc.

Yes, there is still a deadly pandemic we need to take seriously. But more importantly, there are still things & moments of joy that we can find that’ll get us through the day. I hope you find at least one joyful thing today! For me, while I write this, the smell of the homemade brownies coming out of the oven is putting a BIG smile on my face. If you have taken pictures of your adventures during this time send them so we can get them in the Viking Magazine and you can share your joy.

Stay safe, stay well, and take care of each other.

Kathy Dollymore, 3D President