April 2022 President’s Message

Isn’t it wonderful to see the sun shining bright and know Easter is around the corner? What a wonderful time of year for many reasons. Here, in the Philadelphia area, we see Spring is starting to arrive, though we still have cooler weather in the mornings the sun chases those cold weather feelings away. I can’t tell you how happy I am to look outside and see the yellow daffodils and purple hyacinths blooming and showing off their springtime smiles. Now’s the time to start walking if you haven’t been during the winter months. Get out and enjoy the sunshine. Get your start on the sports medals. The Norwegians spend much of their Easter Vacation time as a time for family and leisure. It means eating Easter lamb, getting an Easter tan when skiing in the Easter mountains, giving each other giant cardboard Easter eggs filled with candy, and reading Easter crime novels like those Jo Nesbø and Karin Fossum. I wish for your Easter time to be filled with face time with family, phone calls with friends, and a chocolate bunny along with a good crime novel.

The convention is coming along, even with this being an unprecedented kind of meeting with in-person and virtual meeting. We are still having a Viking Auction to help with donations to our Charitable Giving Group (Charitable Trust, SON Foundation, and Alzheimer’s Assoc.) It has been 4 years since we’ve been face to face and hopefully, I’ll see YOUR smiling face in Jacksonville. Has your lodge signed up for an ad in the journal, or the Booster sheets that are also out for membership to send welcoming and good wishes to the delegates? I appreciate the fact that this has been a time of patience and I thank you for yours.

Thanks to all of you who have, and are, working so hard for your Lodge and our Third District. It is your individual and collective efforts that will continue to make them successful.