April 2021 President’s Message

Well, here we are, in most of our Third District Spring is starting to arrive, I am skeptical to say spring has sprung as we are still having cool spells during the morning hours, but it’s a new beginning and things have gotten a little better.  I hope that everyone is trying to stay safe and healthy as possible. As of this time, the restrictions and the guidelines from my State (Pennsylvania) are still in effect. So, we are limited as to what we can or can’t do as a lodge. Vaccines are being given out and hopefully, you will soon be able to be vaccinated. At some point in time, we will be back to our normal meet and greets, programs and events. But first and foremost, I hope you and your families are staying safe and warm.

While some lodges have not been meeting in person, we are fortunate to live in a time that the technology is available that allows us to keep connected remotely. Communicating remotely keeps our members safe.  The Zoom application can be a valuable tool for your lodge. The lodge can apply for Fraternal Funds for the yearly cost of the Zoom. Ask any District Board member how to apply. We want to keep our lodges connected via any means deemed safe by the states. We as a Third District Board will continue to host remote meetings as needed, but will also prepare for the traditional in-person meetings as we keep a close eye on the COVID situation. In addition, I am engaging other Districts via District President’s Advisory Council to share ideas and look into new and better ways to provide member services during these times. However, your current lodge board cannot do it alone. We are going into this year with multiple vacant board positions unfilled. Lodges are totally run by volunteers. Your lodge may need your help in order to provide the support and services your lodge deserves. Volunteering for your lodge should not be thought of as just a job to do, but as an opportunity to gain skills and knowledge. We all have to do our part to maintain a successful lodge. Look into sharing a role. One or two extra people will make light work of positions.

Thanks to all of you who have, and are, working so hard for your Lodge and our Third District. It is your individual and collective efforts that will continue to make them successful.

Stay safe, stay well and Ta vare på hverandre “Take care of each other”

Fraternally, Kathy Dollymore, 3D President