Charitable Trust Month-April 2021

Third District Sons of Norway Charitable Trust

We are certainly living through an unprecedented time as we fight off the Covid19 virus.  It has not only hurt many people physically but economically as well in many cases.  The shutdown of the economy leaves some people challenged to meet their basic living and housing expenses while at the same time trying to simply stay healthy.

Perhaps you are aware of the Charitable Trust that is part of the Third District of the Sons of Norway organization.  Our District is unique in that we are the only District in the Order that has such a trust fund.  This Benevolent Fund was formalized in 1971 as the Charitable Trust. For almost 50 years, the Charitable Trust has provided short term, modest support to District 3 members with subsistence support critical to their physical, social and psychological well-being.  It is totally funded by voluntary donations from our generous membership as well as dividends and interest from investments held by  the District that are dedicated to the Trust.

To qualify, a recipient must be a District 3 SON member at least five years, be recommended for a helping hand by a member and complete an application. These criteria are then reviewed by the Trustees which include the District Counselor, an appointed Financial Administrator and several appointed District members. The selection process and results are kept confidential with any identifying information known only to the Counselor.

April is Charitable Trust Month

Visit our Charitable Trust Page to learn more about the work of the CT. Also, please consider making a personal or Lodge donation to the Trust so that we can be well prepared to support any of our brothers and sisters that may need our support during this unique time.  Download a donation form and mail it to:

Peter Hanson
Third District Counselor
327 Old Marlboro Road
Concord, MA 01742