September 2021 President’s Message

September President’s Message

Welcome back from summer. Welcome September. Velkommen tilbake fra sommeren. Velkommen September. Meetings on Zoom or meetings in person?  Some lodges are meeting in person for the first time in a long period, some are continuing with Zoom, some are hybrid and doing both.  We are starting to get back to normal or may I say in some cases better than normal with technology showcased in some lodges.  If you haven’t yet, and want to try Zoom for your lodge, fill out a Fraternal Funds form found on the website and send to our District Secretary.   However you plan to get together, I hope you will have a fun and lively meeting.

We have adapted, we’ve added online speakers and presenters, we’ve hosted hybrid meetings and enjoyed events outside, we have joined online with members from other lodges. Getting to know our membership from other lodges. WE WERE DETERMINED!!   I am just so proud of our District, our lodge leaders and members who have found ways to make it all work.  Placing our members welfare first, despite the type of meeting, events, and experiences that had been planned – we are taking the next step and continuing with meetings, events and experiences in a positive way.  I’d like to wish all lodges a Happy Anniversary no matter the year and note that Nordkap Lodge has reached the century mark. Hoorah!!

We are advancing with September meetings and thinking forward to nominations, elections, Juletrefests, installations, resolutions, then on to the 2022 convention in Jacksonville. Time just has a way of flying by. All of these items are of import and deserve our attention and your District board is there to assist if you ask.    Last year at this time I was writing a note to everyone to keep a positive outlook on life as the world around us was crashing down around us with meetings uncertain, events put on hold, people unsure of the future – just sitting and waiting trying to keep optimistic thoughts, it was difficult to process. To a certain extent it is still tough to comprehend. I hope you are all taking precautions staying safe and well.  Enjoy your Labor Day off if you are able. It’s thought by some to be the last hoorah of summer. And please remember Patriot Day, it has been 20 years since September 11th.

If you have taken pictures of your adventures during the summer send them so we can get them in the Viking Magazine.

Fraternally, Kathy