Fra Presidenten Kathy – October

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the many splendors that summer had to offer and now Fall has finally arrived-I cannot believe we are already into the 10th month of 2021.

Autumn is here with SON Lodge events and holidays to attend and celebrate this coming season! This time of year always brings changes to the weather and colorful scenery. It’s also a nice time for a road trip and leaf peeping!  You can tell that fall is here as all of the unhealthy indulgences at the super markets and coffee shops are available in Pumpkin Spice.

I was pleased to be able to visit Norumbega Lodge and present them with their 50 (+1) lodge anniversary plaque. What a welcoming group of lodge members.  After some music on the accordion by Luanna Jøsvold, some speech-a-fying and a wonderful potluck, visiting with friends, both old and new, I traveled to Bernt Balchen Lodge.

This lodge can really appreciate the change of colors in the Pennsylvania Mountains. They have new signage on the highway welcoming folks to “Little Norway” Rowling, Pa, home of SON Bernt Balchen. How nice to see that! Bernt Balchen hosted the Zone 3 meeting. Fredheim, Nor-Bu, Noreg, Pleasant Point and Bernt Balchen were all in attendance and Zone Director Audun Gythfeldt ran a great meeting. It was a wonderful visit with new friends sharing information and news about our Third District and then a terrific pot luck meal. We do have some fine cooks in our Third District.

October looks just as busy with the Nordkap celebrating their 100 years on October 2 and Hudson Valley celebrating 75 years on October 9th and a Zone 2 meeting later this month. The 3D District board will meet at the end of this month by Zoom. Your District Board has been, and will continue, working to make the 3D stand out in all the lodges of Sons of Norway, and I congratulate the local lodges for doing their part in making us a shining star.

Your lodge may have started back with a welcome back from summer event and now moving forward with nominations, elections, Thanksgiving events, Juletrefest parties. Let’s show our support for these functions and all those hardworking people who give up their time to make these lodge functions a success. Remember, it is your Lodge and your support is needed.

Speaking of nominations and elections, please consider becoming involved with any of the committees in your lodge. You don’t have to handle the role of officer on your own- share the position and it will be light work.  Thank you all for supporting your lodge and the Third District and I hope to see you at one of the upcoming functions!!!

Last but not least you all know that October is Foundation month. The SON Foundation supports our members and their communities by offering a wide range of scholarships and grants focused on promoting Norwegian heritage and culture. Take the opportunity to make an October meeting a fundraiser (a ‘fun’draiser)—an excuse to get people together to have a great time, while raising money for a good cause. A ‘fun’draiser can help support the Foundation, and engage and bond your membership while providing another opportunity to make the community aware of your lodge and all that it has to offer. Tapping into friends and neighbors not only attracts more potential members but can also increase the amount raised for the Foundation.