May 2017 President’s Message

 May 2017

Fra Presidenten


May is such a great month. The month is full of occasions to celebrate –Syttende Mai, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and Spring!

The mild winter this year caused early blooms but the last snow/ice storm wiped out my daffodils. The tulips and hyacinths are in full bloom.  The roses and lilacs are getting ready to bloom.  I had to use plenty of “deer away” to protect my tulips but it worked!  Next I have to work on the weeds and will be looking at adding some soil nutrients , as some of my azaleas didn’t make it through the last storm.  Have you noticed the facebook posts regarding the declining bee population and how that will impact food production? Scary stuff.

So, what is this all leading to? Analogies – you know by now that I like analogies.  From time to time we should look at our lodges and do some weeding, spray some deer away, add nutrients and apply a little nontoxic pesticide.  It might be time to weed out stale programs and try something new.  Spray a little “let’s give it a try” on the naysayers or those that will say “we never did it that way”, “that won’t work”. We must nourish and protect new ideas like we protect our plants.  Sometimes, you may find that you have to use a little friendly persuasion to isolate a stubborn weed and make a concerted effort to sprinkle some peace and harmony. We must protect all the good that we have and nourish the new growth. Don’t let the weed mentality take over; we don’t want to be facing what the bee colonies are facing.

The good news is that many lodges have been working on these very things! I see seeds being planted in the form of new programs and venues. Flowers are blooming in all parts of the District. We have new faces trying new things and it is exciting to watch!

Let’s always remember to “nourish” our lodge leaders who do so much, often behind the scenes, with a thank you every now and then. A pat on the back can go a long way. Sprinkle gratitude freely and try to reach those members you haven’t seen in a while. You will be rewarded with a vibrant and strong lodge.

I can’t thank you all enough for what you do for Sons of Norway and the Third District. I see it and I appreciate your efforts.

Let’s not forget our Veterans and their families, for the families serve too!

Jeg ønsker dere alt godt.