June 2017 President’s Message

June 2017

Fra Presidenten

Mange bekker små gjør en stor å.

Many small streams make a large river

Streams ebb and flow as do our lodges.  If you look closely there is a rhythm to our lodges and each is unique.  Some lodges hunker down and “go dark” for the winter coming to life again when Spring arrives.  Other lodges suspend formal meetings in the summer and turn to more casual activities like picnics.

There are times when melting snow or heavy rain causes the stream to flow swiftly; it’s power is amazing. In times of drought, a small trickle of water may reveal the stream.

Let’s harness the power of the stream by engaging our lodge members.  Let the stream of new ideas flow. If the water gets too rough, try to redirect it. Better yet, before you try to redirect, go for the ride, it could be wild and exhilarating. Try not to dismiss new ideas, but rather adapt them to the uniqueness of your lodge.  A little tweak here or there could make all the difference.

When the stream begins to dry up, look for any logjams that prevent the water from flowing (“we never done it that way before”) and offer encouragement to those leery of change. Look for bends in the stream that may be diverting the water (“don’t like driving at night”; “too many after school activities on the night of our meeting”) and see if you can remove obstacles (e.g., ride sharing, meet at a different time every now and then).

Don’t be afraid to put your toe in the stream and take the pulse of your lodge, its activities, its members.  Is it time to restock the stream with new ideas? Is it time to give your long serving lodge leaders a break? or just offer help navigating the ebbs and flows of the stream?

Think about your lodge as small stream which together with other lodges in the Third District create a larger stream.  Likewise, think about each District in the Sons of Norway as a stream, and we have a mighty river!  Always remember that you are not alone, you are part of a larger vibrant organization.  Maybe it is time to explore new waters, see what other lodges do and gain new ideas?

Have a safe, happy and healthy summer!

All the best,