From Falmouth to Lauderdale – District 3 Happenings



Bondelandet 3-612 will be doing a coat, hat, scarf, and glove collection for Coats of Friendship, York, PA which benefits those in need. 


Restauration Lodge 3-555 has the honor to Stand Up To Hunger.
People struggle with hunger every day. Now more than ever. We will collect non-perishable food items to donate. We’ll bring items to the October Lodge meeting and we will get the items to the food back. We’re also collecting checks for those members not able to attend the meetings or feel like writing a check along with bringing an item. The checks will go to “Kids Against Hunger”,  a non-profit humanitarian organization . 

Standing up to hunger will be our Restauration Lodge part to support our neighbors in need. A donation is a contribution to the positive impact we make through community. With every contribution, there is an impact.  Please make your checks out to RESTAURATION LODGE and send to Jorgen (Treasurer Jorgen Flood, P.O. Box 3168, West Chester, Pa 19381-3166    who will make one check out to the food bank.

At our September meeting there was excitement about what we will be doing on “New World Service Day” to honor Leif Erickson day. Because of the need in our area for food banks this was decided on as our participation. We will be participating each month going forward. It was a lightbulb going on that made us think of what we can do for our community.


Southern Star 3-630 will be partnering with the City of Myrtle Beach and planting a tree in Market Commons Lake Park.  A plaque commemorating Leif Erikson along with the lodge name and number as well as the Sons of Norway website info will be part of the planting.


“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali


I hope to have a long list of details of how all of our District 3 Lodges participated this year for “New World Service Day” in the 4th quarter issue of TDT.  Please email me hansenoaks@ any time!

Bondelandet Lodge 3-612 enjoying 1st mini-golf outing in Lancaster, PA- July 2022


Nansen 3-410, Nor-Bu 3-427, Henrik Ibsen 3-393 and Norden 3-407 where well represented at the 2022 District Convention.
Norsk Carolina 3-679 celebrated Syttende Mai at Frank Liske Park in Charlotte, NC


Scenes from Hampton Roads 3-522 delegation to the 2022 International Convention.






















A great time was had by all (including myself ) at the 50th Anniversary celebration of Hampton Roads 3-522