District Three Secretary’s Letter September-October 2022

Dear Lodge Secretaries,

Here’s a Fall update for you. Thank you for the energy and time you give to your lodge and to Sons of Norway.

President’s Corner:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the 2022-2024 Third District Board. 

President – Stephen Helmold

Vice President – Diana Syvertsen

Secretary – Karen Olsen-Helmold

Treasurer – Elaine Breiland

Charitable Trust Director – Lloyd Ritter

Cultural Director – Andy Mathisen

Youth Director – Susan Olson

Sports Director – Paul Kornbrekke

Foundation Director – Dirk Hansen

Publicity Director – Asbjorn Lageraaen                                  

Zone 1 Director – Michael Pedersen

Assistant Zone 1 Director – Melissa Pedersen

Zone 2 Director – Peter Hanson

Assistant Zone 2 Director – John Foss

Zone 3 Director – Audun Gythfeldt

Assistant Zone 3 Director – Barbara Bensen

Zone 4 Director – Kaare Hansen

Assistant Zone 4 Director – Julia Nilsen

Zone 5 Director – Christine Taylor

Assistant Zone 5 Director – Harriet McHenry

Zone 6 Director – Jeanne Addison

Assistant Zone 6 Director – Marie Hansen

Zone 7 Director – Bill Browning

Assistant Zone 7 Director – Dirk Hansen


Pictures for the Viking Magazine should be sent to Mary Andersen at andersen.maryb@gmail.com


I am looking forward to the next two years working with this dedicated group of members. I am sure I will have lots more news to share after our October Board meeting.


Stephen Helmold




Location of Forms

Sons of Norway website www.sofn.com  

Log In/ Member Resources/ Lodge Leadership Resources/ Administrative Resources/ Lodge Forms or Governance 

 Third District website www.3dsofn.org 

Go to “Download important documents and forms”

Both websites have plenty of other great information, such as the Third District’s TDT (Third District Today). Please acquaint yourself with them.


Lodge Anniversaries

Nor-Bu – Sept. 19,

Bernt Balchen – Sept. 22, 45th

Norge – Oct. 20, 95th


Fraternal Funds – Lodge ZOOM contracts qualify, too- NEW DEADLINE DATE

Think about whether your Lodge would like to apply for Fraternal Funds. These funds are given for lodge cultural activities that have already occurred and are voted upon each time the Executive Committee meets which is at least at the Fall and Spring Third District Board Meetings. The Fraternal Funds form is located on www.3dsofn.org  under Documents and Forms.  I have also attached an updated copy to this issue of the Third District’s Secretary’s letter.  Receipts must accompany the form. 

Please note these funds are meant to offset losses.  If the event has for which you are requesting funds had a profit you are not eligible for reimbursement.

Items for which Lodges and Zones can request fraternal funds:

Bus trips to cultural events such as the 17th of Mai parade or Scanfest

Zoom contracts

Memorial services

Storage of Viking Ships

Membership drives

Christmas parties

Music or cultural activities at Lodge meetings

This list is given as an example and is not necessarily complete. There limits to the amounts given for various categories.  If you are unsure if an event qualifies, send me an e-mail and I will be happy to advise you. Please note these funds are meant to offset losses.  If the event has for which you are requesting funds had a profit you are not eligible for reimbursement.


Nominations and Fall Elections

Two years ago, Sons of Norway Headquarters requested that ALL lodges have their biennial elections in November (prior to December 1), so that Lodge Secretaries can complete the D-63 Officer Update Forms with the correct names and contact information of the new officers who begin their term in January.


If this is the election year for your lodge, make sure that your lodge is organizing nominations in September and October. Some lodges have adopted “C0-positions” or committees if it is difficult to fill positions.


Annual D-63 Forms

Sons of Norway requires every lodge secretary to annually complete the D-63 form on www.sofn.com in order to report any change in officer positions or no change. The absolute last day for it is December 31, 2022, but it would greatly help me and Sherry Gorse at headquarters if you can send the names in earlier. It is always wise to double-check the exact spelling and numbers in lodge members’ addresses, emails, and phone numbers prior to completing the form. After you have submitted your form, I will receive a copy from Sons of Norway and that is what I will use to make the annual Third District Directory in January 2023. More information on the directory orders will be coming in the future.


Lodge Officers Must Be in Good Standing

According to Sons of Norway, all lodge officers must pay their current membership dues in order to continue being officers.  Check your membership list found on your profile page at the Sons of Norway website.


Paper Lodge Membership Applications Need Correction 

On printed paper lodge membership applications there is a section requesting a credit card number.  Cross that section out on your forms if your lodge still has some paper applications.  It is no longer to be used.  The only way that new members can pay their membership dues by credit card is by going to the Sons of Norway website and registering online. This change is being done for credit card security reasons. If a new member or renewing member wants to use a paper application, they must write a check payable to “Sons of Norway”. 


More on New membership forms

Please remind members to provide their member number to those they invite to join, so that Sons of Norway can recognize this accomplishment with a certificate and limited-edition 2021 Recruiter Pin. Enrollment forms are available from Sons of Norway headquarters and online. For online form access, first login at sofn.com, then go to Lodge Leadership Resources and continue to Membership Forms. New members of nonvoting lodges may also sign up directly at sofn.com.



The program continues, but there will be no prize travel vouchers as in the past. The Third District’s Tubfrim Chairperson is Kjell Kittilsen. You can reach him by mail at 871 70th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11228 or by phone at 718-680-4684. The Sons of Norway website, www.sofn.com , has information about Tubfrim.


I wish you the best as your Lodges return from the summer break and as we learn to live with Covid.



Karen Olsen-Helmold

District 3 Secretary.

kolsen2@verizon.net    183 Evergreen Avenue, Bethpage, New York 11714

District No. 3 Fraternal Funds Program

Funds are received from the International Lodge Fraternal Program each year and are intended to be used to support cultural, youth, sports programs and Leadership seminars. TO REQUEST THESE FUNDS, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION.












EVENT INCOME (sources, if applicable) $





EVENT EXPENSES (i.e.: hall rental, postage, photocopying, etc. Please provide receipts.)









If approved: Check payable to:  Address:  Mail completed form to:

Karen Olsen-Helmold

183 Evergreen Ave

Bethpage, NY 11714


Revised 8/22