Charitable Trust March 2017

Charitable Trust – Peter Hanson, Counselor

The Third District is unique among other Districts in that we support our own Charitable Trust and we are the only District to have one.  Due to investments and generous donations from individuals and lodges we are able to currently support three benefit recipients with a modest monthly stipend in their time of need.  In 2016 the donations were very strong which shows our collective support of the program.  There are several reasons why members choose to support the trust.  Memorial gifts are one of the biggest reasons however; the desire to simply help those who need is equally popular.


Thank you for supporting the Charitable Trust and please consider a donation in 2017.  Forms can be downloaded from the 3D web site by clicking on the “donation” button in the CT section.  You can also send me an email and I will send you a form.


Pete Hanson

3D Counselor


Fundraising tip; In 2017 Lodges, or Zones might want to consider combining a great night out with a fund raising effort.  As you are probably aware, many restraints  offer a percentage of their sales for one evening of  dining to a non-profit group who signs up with them to bring customers in for a meal.  This is very popular because it allows for a great time of fellowship with other members while at the same time supporting a great cause.  Who doesn’t like to go out to dinner?