Big News with Dues Changes in 2018

Dues change – one organization, moving forward together

By Mary B. Andersen Third District President

As you know the dues structure will change effective January 1, 2018.  There is a lot of information on the Sons of Norway website. The frequently asked questions will be periodically refreshed with new questions. We have received questions which basically involve the same issue – by-laws and local lodge dues.

The August edition of the Resource contains an article which addresses a question we have been receiving – does this mean we have to change our bylaws?

Simplified Dues Structure Impact on Lodge Bylaws

When a member pays their dues, the money is shared among Sons of Norway International, the district and the local lodge.  Until Dec 31, 2017, all lodges have been able to establish their own local dues amounts, which range from $0 to $20. Through a vote of the membership, the local dues amount became part of the lodge bylaws.

Starting Jan. 1, 2018, local dues rates in all US lodges will be $14 for each individual member, $12 for each Golden member and $28 for each family membership. (For additional dues information, please consult the dues chart in the Simplified Dues information on the Sons of Norway website.) These new standardized dues rates are set in the Sons of Norway International Bylaws.

Because the International bylaws supersede the local bylaws, lodges do not need to change their bylaws to comply with the new Simplified Dues Structure.

Please contact Membership Services at Sons of Norway Headquarters

(612-821-4643 or with any questions.

Another question we have received is the impact on local lodge dues.  If your lodge dues is currently less than $14, your lodge will see an increase in revenue attributable to dues.  We hope you will consider funding a delegate to the 3D Convention!  Additional funding could help you with publicity and programming.