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Norrona Lodge Hits Homerun for Alzheimers/Dementia Awareness

Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease open letter

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

At our January 2020 Norrona Lodge meeting, I suggested that we could support the 3rd District’s drive to raise funds to end Alzheimer’s Disease by participating in a walk. Some of our senior members were skeptical that they were physically capable of participating but were supportive in principle.

My wife Pat is an avid walker, and I knew that if we could get financial support, we would at least have the two of us pounding the pavement. Early February I found that the Rockland County, NY chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association was holding a walk October 11, 2020 at the Provident Bank Ball Park in Pomona. We formed a team, Norrona Lodge-Sons of Norway, set a goal of raising $1000.00 and made an initial contribution to show others that we had “skin in the game”.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s website is a powerful fundraising and educational tool. I could send out emails and links to Facebook among other things to connect us with potential donors. There were suggestions and techniques for the novice fundraiser, and we used a few of them. There were incentives and prizes awarded for reaching certain dollar amount milestones. We got a lawn sign, T-shirts and banners as the drive progressed.

The Alzheimer organization was very proactive and sent endless emails and hosted web seminars to keep us motivated and on track to reach our goals. We were very fortunate to reach our goal by mid-year, so we adjusted it upwards to      $ 2000.00. Ultimately, we raised $1735.00 with only 24 total donations.

We are fortunate to have very generous family, friends and other Sons of Norway members. A bonus method of raising funds was through donors that worked for companies that matched their donations. Due to this Covid year, there were probably opportunities to raise additional funds that we passed on. There were a lot of people struggling financially who would normally been a source of generosity to others. We will try to expand on our donor base in future drives.

Team Norrona Lodge was unable to meet up with others walking to end Alzheimer’s on October 11th due to continuing Covid concerns. We all walked where we could and joined with others online to celebrate our joint cause. We walked over the Tappan Zee Bridge (Mario Cuomo Bridge officially) which spans the Hudson Rriver and connects Westchester and Rockland Counties. It was a beautiful windy day, and we enjoyed the river views as we covered the total walk of 7 miles. We wore the purple T-shirts that raised awareness for a worthy cause.

I cannot wait to do it again in 2021 and I am confident that with a little more effort Norrona Lodge can raise at least $2500.00. I would encourage other lodges in the 3rd District to contact their local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to find out when and where there are walks in their area. It is a lot easier to use their resources and infrastructure then having to design it on your own.

I am proud to belong to the 3rd District of Sons of Norway because it has embraced the cause to end Alzheimer’s Disease. It has recognized the impact it has on many of its members who are suffering from the disease or are caregivers to those who need assistance. May we all increase our awareness of Alzheimer’s in the coming year. Together, we may learn how to prevent it, treat it and through our fundraising find a cure.

Fraternally yours,

Kaare A. Hansen

Norrona lodge President


LEARN MORE:http://www.alz.org


Maine Nordmenn supports the 3rd District Alzheimers/Dementia Efforts in 2020


“Please join me in supporting the Alzheimer’s Association in raising money to help find a cure for this terrible disease that takes our loved ones and leave only a shell. The Maine Nordmenn Lodge which is part of the Third District Sons of Norway had planned to walk on the summer solstice – the longest day of the year – which would have been June 21st . We were going to walk around the Back Bay in Portland with a big crowd of participants. Sadly, due to COVID, this, like so many other things right now, simply wasn’t possible. But, like everyone else, we are adapting to meet these new challenges. Just a few of us will be taking walks, mostly alone and in various locations. To donate electronically, please go to https://act.alz.org under The Longest Day click on Get Started, scroll down to Support A Fundraiser, type in Sons of Norway Third District click on search, click on view, click on donate – “Team Kathy Dollymore”, click on Make a Team Donation, fill out info to donate. Please make your donations by October 31, 2020. Thank you for your help – and if you see me walking, say hello!”






The Charitable Trust—Taking care of our own

Unique to our District 3 is the Charitable Trust. Its existence parallels the origins of the Sons of Norway whose purposes and goals were to protect members of Sons of Norway and their families from the financial hardships experienced during times of sickness or death in the family.

As reported in the Spring 1971 Sons of Norway Bulletin1 , a motion made at the 1936 District Convention to start an old age fund became a reality in 1938. Over time, the old age fund became known as the Benevolent Fund. New York, and Brooklyn in particular, was the destination for many Norwegian immigrants. Our Norwegian brethren came with little but the clothes on the back, hearts filled with hope and strong backs ready to work. The newly arrived Norwegians, learning of the Sons of Norway, were drawn to the familiar sounds, tastes and companionship in the Third District lodges. It became apparent that some of the new immigrants needed help over the rough spots and the Benevolent Fund was the mechanism.

Eventually the Benevolent Fund was formalized in 1971 as the Charitable Trust. For over 40 years, the Charitable Trust has provided modest support to District 3 members with subsistence support critical to their physical, social and psychological well being. The fraternal chain, a symbol of everlasting friendship, is exemplified by the work of the Charitable Trust which provides assistance to our fraternal brothers and sisters in time of need. The need could be as simple as helping with the very high cost of prescription drugs or it could be help getting back on your feet from a devastating loss. A member may need assistance only for a few months or a little longer.

It is comforting to know that the Charitable Trust has assisted members for almost 50 years. To qualify, a recipient must be a District 3 SON member at least five years, be recommended for a helping hand by a member and complete the application.  These criteria are then reviewed by the Trustees which include the District  Counselor,  and a President  appointed Financial Administrator and three members at large. The selection process and results are confidential. The Counselor manages the day-to-day business of administering the Charitable Trust and communicates monthly with the beneficiaries who continuously express their gratitude and heartfelt appreciation.

2021 marks the 50th Anniversary of

The 3rd District Charitable Trust

Origin of the Charitable Trust/ Transcript from the 1938 International Convention

Considerable time was devoted to the old people’s home project of District Lodge 1. The District Lodge Convention had added a provision to its by-laws making it mandatory for each member to contribute one dollar a year for an old people’s home. The Supreme board of directors, to which this provision had been submitted for approval, laid the matter before the Supreme lodge Convention in the form of a resolution denying the request of the first District, “without prejudice to consideration of the question by the Supreme lodge The law committee acted accordingly, and the final outcome was a unanimous adoption by the Convention of the changes and new provisions submitted by the committee.   These included granting each district lodge right to establish and maintain an old people’s or orphan home or similar benevolent project and to levy an additional tax not to exceed $1 per member per year upon the lodges in the district for such project.


Helping Hand to Members Grant

In 2011 Minot, ND saw more than 10,000 people displaced and 4,000 homes devastated by the Souris River Flood. Among them were 39 members of Thor Lodge who had been directly impacted by this natural disaster. In what was likely some of their darkest days, the Sons of Norway Foundation was there for them, providing Humanitarian Fund grants of a $1,000 each to be used as needed to help them get through the early days of recovery. “My observation while driving the flooded areas was truly a shock to me. I have never seen 4,000 homes flooded as bad as they were. It was a very sad sight, indeed. But the Foundation gave these members of Thor Lodge some financial help, from which sprang hope. Many used the money to buy linens, cooking supplies, coffee pots, etc.; basic items that we may take for granted, but gave our members a sense of normalcy. They were extremely appreciative of the help provided by the Sons of Norway Foundation and so am I.”

Martha Elliot, District 4 President


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