3D Fall Board Meeting

The 3rd District Board gathered at LOV right before Halloween for their fall meeting.  In addition to the usual usual agenda of financial and board member reports, the board welcomed two newly appointed Zone Directors – Zone 2 Director John Foss Jr. and Zone 6 Director Doris Beck.  The board also got updated on plans for our 65th 3D Convention at the Radisson Hotel, Hauppauge, New York, June 4-10, 2018!  We’ll be adding convention details and forms as details are finalized.

The 3D board takes a break from a busy weekend at LOV!  Front row, from left:  Vice President Kathy Dollymore, President Mary Andersen, Counselor Peter Hanson, Publicity Director Jim Dunagan.  Back row, from left: Zone 6 Director Doris Beck, Secretary Karen Olsen-Helmold, Treasurer Peter Vatne, Zone 3 Director Paul Kornbrekke, Zone 1 Director Stephen Helmold, Zone 4 Director Kari Williams, Sports and Recreation Director Andy Mathisen, Youth Director Susan Olson, Zone 5 Director Ingrid Hammen, Zone 7 Director Dirk Hansen.  Not pictured: Cultural Director Gail Martensen, Zone 2 Director John Foss Jr.