Sports Activities Update

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  Members: Thanks for staying active and fit during ’17 so far. Here are some on the results from our various lodges in the 3rd District. These are cumulative numbers through July ’17 Fitbit Cumulative Steps: Norden Lodge 4.0 Million … Read More

Sports For Health at LOV

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NEPA REGIONAL SPORTS FOR HEALTH (SFH) 2017 The 2017 edition of SFH was held at LOV July 23-30.  While we had some showers, it did not dampen our spirits.  We managed to get in all of our activities.  Our 96 year … Read More

September 2017 Vice President’s Letter

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Vice Presidents notes for September 2017 We are diligently getting our LLST (Local Lodge Support Team) working on assisting those lodges in the Third District that have been having difficulties. Whether in recruiting, retaining, programing, or job responsibilities. The lodges … Read More

September 2017 President’s Message

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Fra Presidenten September 2017 “Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work. “ William Arthur Ward … Read More

June 2017 President’s Message

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June 2017 Fra Presidenten Mange bekker små gjør en stor å. Many small streams make a large river Streams ebb and flow as do our lodges.  If you look closely there is a rhythm to our lodges and each is … Read More

Zone 4 Scholarship

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Zone 4 presented their 2017 scholarships at a dinner June 3 at Land of the Vikings.  Congratulations to scholarship winners Kristian Tonnesen and Brendon McCadam!

Tim Recommends Hell

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Washington Lodge member Tim Christenson recounts a recent visit to the in(famous) Norwegian town! Read the May edition of the Washington Lodge Capital Viking When you mention towns in Norway, the first one that comes to my mind is Hell. … Read More

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