December 2019 President’s Message

Fra 3D Presidenten,  Kathy Dollymore, December 2019

As we are close to the end of 2019 and thinking about programming and membership in 2020, it can’t be said enough that membership is the lifeblood of a lodge. Strongly encourage every member who has children or grandchildren to become heritage members, a membership level that is FREE to age 16. Kids will bring in their parents, parents will join as members, those children will bring their friends, the trick is to get them into a lodge with a program to attract and then to keep bringing them back with attractions.

With the Christmas holidays coming upon us let’s think about giving those grown children a membership into SON and show them what their heritage looks like with the Viking Magazine and lodge newsletters. Mentoring new leaders, promoting new ideas, giving new life to a lodge!!

New members join because they want to belong to something meaningful—and they want to know that their involvement is important. Help them feel valued and appreciated from day one.

These are some ideas for getting your new members engaged

  • Assign a mentor. Mentors can answer questions, serve as a familiar face and help connect new members and answer questions about the lodge or get the answers for them.
  • Have a new-member ceremony. Welcome new members with a new member welcome ceremony. (Found in the guide for leadership at It’s an opportunity to provide them with a better understanding about your lodge and learn about their skills, what they’re looking for in the lodge by way of programs and interests. Members only get a “first time member” initiation once—so make it memorable. Help other members get to know the new member by including details about their life and interests in your introduction. This is also a good opportunity to show your appreciation to the sponsoring member.
  • Ask for their feedback. After new members are inducted, you might consider asking some of them to meet casually with some board members. A new person’s input can provide a new perspective
  • Show them they’re needed. Assigning a new member to a committee can also help to engage special talents and interests. Alternatively, giving new members a simple task connected to a meeting or project can help them feel like part of the team. If they miss a meeting, follow up and let them know you noticed.

The holiday season reminds me to think about the people in my life. My family, my friends, and my Brothers and Sisters of Sons of Norway.  They give me the opportunity to grow and succeed. As we close out 2019, I’d like to thank our members for making this a District I am proud to be part of.  I wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season, Gledelig jul og glade nytt år,   Kathy