October 2019 President’s Message

October President Letter 2019

October takes us back to the immigration of our forefathers. Since 1964, when Congress unanimously authorized and requested the President to create the observance of Leif Erikson Day through an annual proclamation, October 9 was chosen because the ship Restauration arrived in New York Harbor on October 9, 1825, beginning a wave of immigration from Norway to America

In July of that year, a group of six dissenting families, seeking a haven from the official Norwegian state church, set sail from Stavanger in an undersized sloop, the Restaurationen. When it arrived in New York harbor after an arduous 14-week journey, the Restaurationen caused a sensation, and the local press marveled at the bravery of these Norwegian pilgrims. Local Quakers helped the destitute emigrants, who eventually established a community in upstate New York. Today, their descendants are still known as “sloopers”.

As Eva Britt Kornfeldt of the Oslo Visitors and Convention Bureau said: “Swedes, they do as they are told. Norwegians? We are a stubborn, self-reliant, impulsive, inventive and independent people. But above all, we’re curious.” Norwegians have always been brave explorers. From the early Vikings, then onto the first to cross Greenland by land, a Norwegian was first to the South Pole, the voyage of the Kon-Tiki, and then history’s longest solo and un-resupplied ski journey, 3,000 miles across the South Pole region.  Explorers! So many of us have heard the stories of our own family’s emigration.  Make sure to write these stories down for future generations, who can be proud of their heritage.

October is also the month we recognize as FOUNDATION MONTH. A donation to the Sons of Norway Foundation is a contribution to the positive impact we make through community, youth, educational, and cultural projects. With every contribution, there is an impact.

Everything the Sons of Norway Foundation accomplishes is the result of the support of our donors: the people who contribute time, talent and resources to further our mission in member communities. Every contribution matters and you can be sure that we’re using your donations responsibly and effectively. Our 3D Foundation Director, Dirk Hansen, has information on how the Foundation can work for YOUR lodge. hansenoaks@lowcountry.com

In closing, remember, this is your Lodge, your Sons of Norway. We need members to come to the Lodge and assist in carrying out the business. All your officers ask is to give the Lodge at least one night a month.  We also need your support in finding new members. Why not ask a friend to join in on all the good things we have in our lodge to share?


Fraternally, Kathy Dollymore, 3D President