January 2018 President’s Message

Fra Presidenten

Time to reboot and rewire*

(Title taken partly from an article in Forbes)

As we start a New Year, I would like to share a few thoughts with you that I’ve gathered from articles I have read or written over the years. I hope I can do so in a way that flows and makes sense!


How many times have we experienced the message to reboot our computers?  Sometimes it is to install an update.  Other times it is to solve a problem and the easiest way is to turn the machine off and turn it back on again.

Many of our lodges will be “rebooting” by installing new lodge officers.  Some of our members are taking roles that they have held before because no one else is available to take on the job.  In one of my VP letters from 2013, I wrote about a flock of geese and how important it is for someone to take the place of the lead goose. You may not believe you can have an impact, but you can and do.  If you can’t take a leadership role this year, it’s not to early to think about next year.  Volunteer for some projects and see how your lodge operates; look areas of improvement; your help will be appreciated. The lead goose can always use a break!


I have never forgotten a President’s letter written by past Norumbega President Luana Marie Jøsvold (yes, I really do read your lodge newsletters, I love them).  It was about a blank piece of paper with one dot. Human nature is to focus on the black dot rather than all the open white space.  The open white space represents opportunity areas, a blank canvas for you to fill with thoughts and ideas.  As your new officers take office, please focus on their fresh ideas – the empty part of the canvas. Try not to focus on the black dot of “that’s not the way we usually do it”. Hold onto those things that are the essence of your lodge but be open to some rewiring which will bring some new events and ideas and maybe new ways of doing things.  You just might be presently surprised!

Working together, we can keep this great big wonderful Third District Viking ship of ours under full sail, but we must be willing to catch new winds!

I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!!