July 29 – St. Olaf’s Day

July 29th marks Olsok, or St. Olaf ’s Day in Norway and coincides with Olsokdagen, the official Flag Day in Norway, but it’s roots run much deeper. Originally celebrated to honor the King, and later Saint, Olaf, the day has more than 900 years of history behind it. Lavish feasts and pilgrimages have celebrated his name.

June 24 – Midsummer in Norway

St. John’s Day or Jonsok is celebrated on June 24 and is a religious holiday commemorating the birth of St. John the Baptist. Prior to the introduction of Christianity to Norway, the date was used to celebrate of the summer solstice, the longest and brightest day of the year. Because of the dual history surrounding the date, the remaining Midsummer traditions are an amalgamation of both Pagan and Christian customs.