Brent Balchen Lodge Oktoberfest Dinner/Dance

Our thanks to Bernt Balchen Lodge and newsletter editor Millie Diefenbach for news of their Oktoberfest Dinner/Dance!

The Oktoberfest Dinner/Dance was Saturday, October 28th and was a huge success!  We fed 113 guests. The tables were set with black tablecloths and orange napkins, crystal-looking dishes and glasses and we had autumn/orange centerpieces on each table.

Many, many thanks to the Committee who worked on this event. Karen Haugaard earned “Lodge Member of the Year” (if we had an award like that!) She cooked from scratch the BBQ ribs, sauerbraten, pork and sauerkraut, red cabbage, apple sauce (using 15 varieties of apple), spaetzle, string beans almondine, and even brought some desserts! Mikki Ryan provided the mashed potatoes, and made a large container of rice pudding! Our stuffed roast pork was brought in by Dianne and Andreas Albrektsen and the cooking was supervised by Karen. The baquette bread was baked by Millie Diefenbach. Annemarie Antener was in charge of selling the 50/50 tickets, and John Antener was in charge of selling raffle tickets for the quilt. Helping set up all the tables and preparing them for the guests, and many other chores, and also cleaning up were Randy Nilsen, Sverre Aasgaarden, Dianne and Andreas Albrektsen, Karin Andersen, John Gillen and his friend, John, Annemarie Antener, Ester Thorkildsen, Carl Magnussen, Harold Haugaard, John and Cathy Malmgreen, and Millie Diefenbach. Music was provided by the Matty Rock Quartet, which consisted of Matty Rock, Steve Rokosz, Donna McDonald and our Musician, Gordon Mathsen. They played many polkas, waltzes, and German dances. Some folks enjoyed dancing. We had a Viennese table of desserts, thanks to our members who brought in some really good desserts! I truly hope I have not forgotten anyone – please forgive me if I did! I’m just so thankful to all who pitched in and made this event so fun and successful! What a great team!!!!!

We had many comments from the guests that they had a really good time, enjoyed the food and the music. Several guests even said they are looking forward to this next year! Mange tusen takk to all who helped with this event, either cooking, serving, baking, or just being here!