Land of the Vikings is  located in the beautiful Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania where you are able to take advantage of the mountains and snow trails for winter fun and fishing and hiking in the spring, summer and fall months.

Each year, Sons of Norway members, their family members and guests  take advantage of our wonderful Cultural and Heritage Center. We have many organizations (Ski for Light, Trout Fisherman and others) come back year after year.

Did you know that there are miles upon miles of snowmobile trails around the Land of the Vikings areas, so if you have a snowmobile, bring it up with you too.  People of all ages can learn how to cross country ski which is a big part of Norwegian outdoor culture. When the day’s activities are over and you’ve filled your stomach with a great meal from the lodge, you can sit around the warm fire in the Viking Ship Lounge drinking hot cocoa and kaffe.

You can make your reservations at your Heritage and Culture Center (Land of the Vikings) by calling Bev at: 570-461-3599 or send her an e-mail: While you’re at it, invite other family members and lodge members and make it a group trip.

During your stay at Land of the Vikings, you can visit nearby attractions.  There is so much early American History in the area and it has contributed greatly to the American Industrial Revolution. Hop in the car, come up to the area and explore the history. Bring the kids or grand kids and enjoy yourselves. Oh, leave the cell phones at home, you won’t need them, you’ll be too busy enjoying the wildlife, outdoor activities and history to be bothered with them.We have provided a few for you but there is more!

Elk Mountain Ski Resort – Rt 374 Union Dale, PA.
The resort which offers some of PA’s best skiing and offers many ski programs and trails for the first-time through expert skier. For more information, contact Elk Mountain Ski Resort, Inc., RR 3, Box 3328, Union Dale, PA 18470-9528, phone: 570-679-4400, or Spring Carnival in March. Approx. 30 to 40 minute drive from Land of the Vikings.

Callender’s Sugar House & Cross Country Ski Area Located in Thompson, PA. Friendly, family-oriented cross country skiing on marked, groomed trails. Rentals and group rates. For more information, call 570-727-2982. Approx. a 20 to 30 minute drive from the Land of the Vikings

Honesdale  – Honesdale located in the southern part of Wayne County where Land of the Vikings is located. Honesdale is an interesting little gem of a town with many houses from the 1800s. Honesdale also houses the Wayne County Fair Grounds, which it hosts each August. If you like antiquing, Honesdale is the place for you!

Honesdale was named after Philip Hone who was the mayor of New York City from 1825 to 1826. He enjoyed the area so much that he brought his friend Washington Irving (you remember him, the author of such classics as Rip Van Winkle and Sleepy Hollow) who also fell in love with the place and spent time here. Honesdale also has a rich railroad history and it is where the first steam locomotive to run on commercial tracks in the United States was located. This engine which was shipped over from England was called the Stourbridge Lion and a replica is in the Honesdale Museum, while the original is in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. Sitting immediately across the street from Central Park in Honesdale is the boyhood home of Dick Smith the composer of the holiday song “Winter Wonderland”. The Delaware and Hudson Canal ran through Honesdale and it is where the barges would be loaded with the coal that the railroad brought over from the mines to be shipped across the canal and down the Hudson to New York City to fuel the factories and homes. There are remnants of this canal in the area with walking trails.
Honesdale Museum, 810 Main Street, Honesdale, PA.
The Faces in Clay exhibit originally opened in 1995. After construction, it was completed on the John & Helen Villaume Wing, it was reinstalled and reopened to the public in the spring of 2008. With the late County Historian Vernon Leslie’s 4,600-plus archaeology collection as its basis, this exhibit interprets the Native American history of the upper Delaware Valley. A number of important features of their lifestyle, hunting and gathering techniques and social customs are highlighted. In addition, Vernon Leslie’s life’s work is interpreted and a 17th century dugout canoe can be viewed to the accompaniment of the soothing sounds of the river and forest.The Lenape Nation also has a website at

Movin’ Energy: The History of the Delaware and Hudson Canal 1828-1898 exhibit is housed in the 1993 addition.The Stourbridge Lion full size replica is the centerpiece of this award-winning exhibit. On August 8, 1829, its namesake, the first locomotive to turn wheel on commercial track in the United States, made its first run here in Honesdale. This replica also has quite a history of its own. The D&H passenger gravity car, the Eclipse, with its hand-stencilled ceiling and beautiful carved wood interior, and a paymaster’s buggy share the floor space with the Stourbridge Lion. Visit Stourbridge England’s web site!

Zane Grey Museum– located in Lackawaxen, PA.

Lackawaxen Author Zane Grey purchased this house in Lackawaxen in 1914 from his brother Romer, who had it built in 1906. Zane put two additions on the house to accommodate his writing and research. Zane Grey’s widow sold the house in 1945 to a family friend, Helen James Davis. She used it as an inn for hunters and fishermen until 1970 and then she turned three rooms into a museum displaying Zane Grey memorabilia. After the National Park Service purchased the Zane Grey Museum in 1989 from Mrs. Davis, the house was painted the exact shade of forest green it was when the Grey family lived there. Zane Grey was born 1872 in Zanesville, Ohio. and he received a baseball scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania where he earned a degree in dentistry in 1896. He gave up his dental practice in New York City shortly after his marriage and the couple moved to a cottage in Lackawaxen in 1905. Grey’s love of the outdoors inspired him to write sixty western novels. His most famous, Riders of the Purple Sage, was written in 1912 while he resided in Lackawaxen. He also achieved international acclaim as holder of ten world deep-sea-fishing records. Zane Grey died in 1939 while living in California, but, Lackawaxen was chosen as the site of his final resting place.

Best to All!

William A. Taylor
Land of the Viking