Land of the Vikings

Make sure you call before going to LOV!

Date Event Notes
September 15-17
 Oktoberfest  Check out the LOV Oktoberfest flyer for details
October 6-8 Fredriksten weekend
 October 21  Deposit Masquerade Ball
October 27-29 3D Board Meeting
November 2-5 Ski For Life
November 10-12 Ole and Lena’s Wedding
November 17-24 New York Hunting
November 25-December 1 Pennsylvania Hunting
December 29-January 1 New Year’s Eve Celebration
January 12-14
Hudson Valley
January 19-21 Johannessen Family Reunion
January 26-28 Nor-Bu
June 8-10 Omholt Family Reunion
July 8-21 Third District Youth Camp
July 22-29 Sports for Health
August 2-5 Pedersen Reunion
August 24-26 Summerfest